Image Lady Monika Bacardi – AMBI Gala

Lady Monika Bacardi – AMBI Gala

Lady Monika Bacardi – AMBI Gala

Co-founder and producer of the AMBI Group, Monika Bacardi (Aller sur le site de Monika Bacardi) endeavours to create funding for, produce and distribute movies to an international market. Each and every year, she endeavours to produce between 8 and 10 movies. These range from in-house to 3rd party creations and are achieved by using the AMBI Group. AMBI Group and 'PHOTO' magazine are the primary concerns around which Monika's working life centres. Her 'PHOTO' brand name for photographers and artists is something around which Monika Bacardi strives to build up services, providing professional management whilst establishing relationships with global purchasers.

The Personal Life of Monika Bacardi

As a result of her respected status in the arts sector and her standing as a humanitarian, Monika Bacardi spends some of her time at film galas, award ceremonies and charitable activities. She occupies a lot of her spare time supporting the causes and charitable entities which happen to be to her liking. Lady Bacardi very much loves her work and, consequently, work is also a great part of her personal life. A profound awareness of environmental and social considerations in her life are things that Monika Bacardi likes to make known.

Keen to contribute to the art of cinema around the world, AMBI Pictures aims to make commercially viable films for a global audience. One of the reasons she set out to create AMBI Pictures is that she wanted to encourage the success of young filmmakers, due to her strong interest in "The Seventh Art" (Cinema). Cinema can change the world: this is the conviction of Monika Bacardi. She is convinced that cinema is an art form that offers the opportunity to communicate effectively with a wide variety of audiences.

Monika Bacardi - Biography and Passions

Having married into the Bacardi family, Monika Bacardi became the Lady of Bayfield Hall. Philanthropy for Monika Bacardi is a love, so it is hardly a surprise that she is involved in many non-profit organisations and charities. Largely due to her love of cinema, she set up AMBI group (a cinematographic company located in Europe) in 2013. Her main interests are art and philanthropy, which resulted in her studying literature and arts in Italy, the country in which she was born.

Monika Bacardi is very involved in the Principality’s cultural and charity pursuits. Having empathy for humanity: this is what drives Monika Bacardi's benevolent activities. Encouraging a good number of community beneficent organisations, she assists in raising money to support causes in connection with social matters that are of great importance to her.

The Principality of Monaco's cultural and humanitarian issues are areas that Monika Bacardi is greatly involved in. She is an active supporter of the H.S.H. Prince Albert II Foundation. One of the reasons that she backs the H.S.H. Prince Albert II Foundation is that she feels strongly about promoting eco-friendly behaviour. A range of undertakings helping the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation have been participated in by Monika Bacardi.

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